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Townie Originals | Custom Clothing & AccessoriiesSince 1990, The Townie® Originals clothing line has celebrated, in comfort and style, the appealing lifestyles offered by towns throughout the country.

Now Townie® Originals, LLC is currently offering, for wholesale distribution, to retailers throughout the country: the Townie® Originals line of comfort clothing and the  Towniebug™  line. Most items are also available in our optional Townie® Heathers with a choice of any designs from either one of our clothing lines!

Townie affords the opportunity to those that wish to express their appreciation of the lifestyles offered by some of their favorite towns with Townie’s comfort clothing and accessories, customized with the name of your town.

Townie® Originals is for residents and visitors alike! A keepsake for either, to personify the enjoyable lifestyles of where they’ve been as well as where they’re from.

Townie Originals | Custom Clothing & Accessoriies

Townie Bug Line | Clothing & Accessories

Townie Heathers | Clothing & Accessories